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20 Years Installation Experience.

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Ceramic Tile

From subbase to finish floor, we have the experience and knowledge to get your project start and finish. We know what material to use and how much to use so you can safe money and have a beautiful project at the end.

Vinyl Floor

There are many verity of vinyl flooring available o n the market now a days and choosing the right one sometimes take time and money. Let us help you through the process so you can get a better quality vinyl and gorgeous looking floors.

Hardwood Floor

Getting your hardwood and choosing the right lumber is the most important part of a hardwood floor. We know the right place and products to help you get what you deserve. Let us make the process easy as 123.

“Pre Planning is important to us, let us help you through the process and get you your dream floors.”


When Floors are nice everything around it are nice.

There is nothing better then setting and enjoying a beautiful floor.

Here at Flooring Dino we are experienced installers and can take care of your new or old floors with care. Let us help you get the floor you want. 

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Whether you’re curious where to start, we are here a call away from you. to get you a free estimate and share our experience with you. Contact Us and that is the beginning.